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Waiting for Superman

The title to the new documentary by David Guggenheim, “Waiting for Superman”, intrigues me. It makes me think about Christopher Reeves and every citizen in Metropolis; it invokes the classic screen shot of a kid on the street that tugs on his Mom’s coat saying, “Look, Mom, it’s Superman!” And what that mother should have said is, “I know, I’m one.” Instead, the mother looks to the sky to spot this fictional hero that every man, woman and child counts on to save them from all that could do them wrong.

This brings me to today’s pondering point – Why can’t we recognize the Supermen in our lives? Superman isn’t fictional, he (or she) does exist and walks among us. They aren’t extraterrestrials. They don’t have super powers like in the comics; however, these real-life “Supermen” are people who can handle everything with grace and dignity, but who don’t realize that these capabilities are superhuman. Or if they do, they aren’t recognizing them as such.

My day was uncharacteristically bad today. I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, but usually I can recover from them. I had a terrible day today, one that I know Superman could have handled with ease. But instead, I let the day’s terrible-ness engulf me and enrage me. If only I had the strength of Superman, I possibly could have dealt with the bratty-ness of my three-year-old, the drama of my six-year-old and the bitchy-ness of my colleague; you know, compartmentalized and not lost the patience I so desperately needed. Instead, I zipped my three-year-old up into his winter coat like it a straight jacket and locked into his car seat so that he couldn’t undress himself this morning. I then turned to my six-year-old and exclaimed, “I don’t care,” very drolly because he was upset that he didn’t get to play that game he was thinking about.  And as for the bitchy-ness of the co-worker, I just didn’t care to even see her today. I was curt and aloof, which just made me seem like a bit of a bitch as well.

I admire the “supers” of this world because they’ve gotten to that moment of Zen, where everything is as it should be.  After today’s day, that is my goal. To be the Superman in my life and to the people around me, because if I can do that, then everything is as it should be.

Wow, that was cathartic.  Thanks again for meeting me and lending an ear.


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