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I don’t know about you, but I feel mentally exhausted after interviewing. It’s grueling work, selling yourself to complete strangers. I don’t have sales-type personality, I  like being judged on the work that I do and how I get it accomplished. Unfortunately, that’s not how interviews work.

Today’s interview entailed me to speak with three people. The first, was the person with whom I would be filling their shoes. The second, was the boss who told me they type of person they were looking for and the third was they guy whom I would have to play nice in the sandbox with in order for him to trust my judgement or ability. I think I was doing well up until him, the third man.

This third man is exactly the guy you should see first in an interview process because you’d be fresh and able to answer intelligently, but he’s third and for a good reason – he’s the BS meter reader. And today, I didn’t do so well with the BS reader for a few reasons; I was held up by the other two  and when I got to his office, I was not the most important part of his day. He was easily distracted and when he did ask me questions, he really get the answer he was looking for. I was late showing up to the party with some of the questions he asked.

I can’t beat myself up on the “third man,” but I should have been mentally fit to deal with him today. Oh well, not every bat is a home run.

Thanks for listening…it’s good to download on this stuff.


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